Why a blog…

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Well, if you read this post I guess you either know me or found this by mistake. I have tried to write a blog before and to be honest I have no idea why I do it, and I have no plan for it. But since I own this domain, and had to set up a website for a project, I ended up with a LAMP setup anyway. And by having a website I get some nice logs to do analysis on related to InfoSec.

What I will continue to write depend both on the time I have available (2 kids give me not much time to spare) and if I feel writing gives me something back. Something I plan to write about is howtos of cowrie, goaccess, lamp and more. Just the things I use for this site. But I also would like to write about InfoSec.

Well, time will tell if regular updates here…

Spark Email App


I just changed my domain provider and email hosting. After taking backup of all my old emails it felt great to start over with an empty inbox.

After doing some research I found Spark, an email client for iPhone(and soon Windows hopefully) made by a Ukraine company.
It’s fast, has a lot of great features, and supports most email providers.

My plan and goal are to keep my inbox as empty as it can be, only emails that I’m supposed to do something with should be there. Everything else should be archived or deleted. At the same time, I will unsubscribe to most of the spam/newsletter/commercial emails to help me with the empty inbox dream.


I’ve always played video games. Still remember our Amiga, Settlers, winter games etc. After that we have always had a PC, bought my first one when I was around 14 and I’ve had a few consoles trough the years.

Well gamers often have a main game, and mine have been PUBG the last couple of years. Fps that’s not too fast ( I’m to old for the fastest ones). I play with some cool people, and this year is our 3rd og 4th time playing in Telialigaen. This is the official esport league in Norway.

The teamname is God Kok, and our main goal is having fun. We play in the 3rd division (last on), but there’s no embarrassment in that.

A couple of months every spring and autumn we play for the glory of not being last. The caster this year is vietkhjema

Junkyard Digs and more

I guess I’m not the only one that uses YouTube as one of the main entertainment sources. You start with a video and end up a few hours later watching something completely different.
Well down one of these rabbit holes I ended up watching some revival of cars. Mostly older American cars, and with hosts that had a great sense of humor and at the same time would teach you something…

If I find more people as good as these, I’ll add them to the list.